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"My only regret about having a foot fetish is that I repressed it for so long. I surrendered my youth to the people I feared would not understand or approve of me, when I could have been out there enjoying the gift of my own personal sexuality. Don't make that mistake yourself. Life is too damn short."

I am at peace with my sexuality. I believe that in many lifetimes I have experienced every sexuality. I have been male and female, heterosexual and homosexual. Sometimes society has approved of my sexuality and sometimes it has not. My sexuality has always been a learning experience for me as it is in this lifetime. Yes, I know that my soul has no sexuality. I rejoice in my sexuality and in my own body. My body is perfect for me this lifetime. I embrace myself with love and compassion.
-Louise Hay

Champion the right to be yourself. Dare to be different. Live your own life and follow your own star.
-Wilfred A. Peterson

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.
-Henry David Thoreau

I'm all for open communication, but some subjects really should be personal. My grandmother had no idea which of the husbands in her social circle were good in bet and which ones weren't. I'm not even sure their own wives knew. Now everybody knows everything. Sometimes a little privacy is a good thing.

I rejoice in my sexuality and in my own body. My body is perfect for me in this lifetime. I embrace myself, with love and compassion.
-L. Hay

We're not here to fight against ourselves - we're here to celebrate all that we were created to be. Sexuality and the desires of the body are natural impulses built into the fabric of life by an intelligent Creator. To deny them is to refute life; to allow them to express in a healthy and natural way is to fulfill God's intentions.

We've been taught that our passions are evil, but they're really an avenue for diving expression. The more you try to resist or override physical pleasures, the more power they'll end up having over you, to the point that they'll finally become your ruler. When, on the other hand, you respect your body as a wondrous creation, you can then honor and embrace the totality of your being and elevate your sexual and sensual nature as a sacred element of life. Everything you are is beautiful and good.

We have lived with them all our lives and never really knew it; we have conformed to their superficial definitions without knowing why and we have fought their imprisoning personas even while attempting to create one for ourselves. We know these simple, life-altering elements by a single word that packs more of a punch than its two-syllables will permit: label.

Labels are everywhere. To accept a social label is to accept the surrender of one's own identity by amputating that which sets us apart from the masses: our personality, our desires, our fears, our quirks, our imperfections, and, yes, even our fetishes. Sometimes our individuality can make all the difference between getting lost in a crowd and standing out in one; forgetting one's self and finding one's self. One should never sacrifice individuality to acquiesce the gluttony of conformity and indifference.

Fetishes are but a fraction of one's complex being. To be aroused by the feet, socks or shoes of another individual is no different than the dark seduction of bondage or the light and exotic frills of a French maid uniform. Each fetish serves a unique purpose; each purpose is fueled by a unique fantasy and a fantasy is the offspring of desire. Denying one's self the greatest of imaginative nourishment will only lead to spiritual anorexia. This is why I believe in embracing what sets us apart rather than repelling it with every fiber of our being. Henry Frederic Amiel could not have been more right when he said, "To repel one's cross is to make it heavier." Don't hide from your fetishes or from your individuality because the only way to truly accept your world is to make peace with it.
-A Foot Fraternity Member


I lovingly and joyously accept my sexuality and its expression.

I am at peace with my sexuality. I embrace myself with love and compassion.

What you think about me is none of my business.

I love myself exactly as I am.

Be the person you were born to be.

No negative condition can remain in our lives when we truly love and accept ourselves.

Sometimes society has approved of my sexuality and sometimes not.

I am at peace with my sexuality.

My soul has no sexuality.

My sexuality has always been a learning experience for me.

I rejoice in my own sexuality. I embrace myself with love & compassion.

I lovingly and joyously accept my sexuality and its expression. My body’s desires are natural and normal for me. I feel safe being me.

The Foot Fraternity

Welcome to the Foot Fraternity: An Affirmation web site designed for people with a fetish for feet, footwear, uniforms, tickle, trample, etc. The MODELS on this site are STRAIGHT guys, who are of legal age. These men are comfortable with their own heterosexuality and did not mind having women or men at their feet. Being on this site is NOT an indication of their personal sensual preferences. It is designed for people who find the foot/shoe/uniform/etc. exciting, sensual and pleasing. There is no nudity or x-rated photos/films on this site, just fetish ones. Sometimes society approves of your sexuality, and sometimes not. The best approval comes from YOU. Accept yourself exactly as you are. You are worth it!

Please DO NOT ENTER this site if you are not into this fantasy. The purpose of this site is purely for those who have these fetishes and wish to find a healthy place to experience them. We have been interviewed by television (including National Geographic television show TABOO and DATELINE NBC) along with over 100 magazines/newspapers and over 300 radio interviews. Our purpose is to help people be accepting of who they are as human beings. Mean people are not welcome here!

The Foot Fraternity Statement of Purpose: To ignore or belittle those who differ from a "norm" can make a person feel depressed, worthless or alone. I cannot deny that person the peace of mind of something as simple as an affirmation of one's sensuality between consenting adults. No concept or institution which is indifferent to the needs of the human spirit can survive. Whatever your fetish, if between consenting adults, is just fine and very normal for you. The approval of all who come here is the fraternal brotherhood that we all seek. You are NOT alone in your desires and how wonderful that you have found a place to be your TRUE self.

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Guess which Foot Fraternity Model this is:

He is a Straight, macho, alpha male, stud who believes that fags should be his "male foot slaves" who bow to him and grovel at his feet. When we first met, I confessed to him that I have a "male foot fetish" for men's feet, and "I kiss feet." He laughed in my faggot face and said that now I can be his "cash slave", or "human ATM" and pay for the privilege of "worshiping my feet", because I am his "homo bitch"? I was humiliated and embarrassed to admit to him that I needed, not just wanted to "lick his feet", "suck his toes", "smell his sweaty socks" and "kiss his feet". He said that I was a "queer sock lover", and he plans to take advantage of letting me "serve straight guys" and "worship straight men". "You're gonna pay, pay and pay more". just because he has "perfect male feet" and I am a "toe jam" eater who knows that "straight guys rule" "Yes, Foot Master, Sir, You are a stud who knows how to give humiliation and domination" to a "faggit foot slave". 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He got paid for every visit with me as he would start off by saying, "You are my bitch", so no more "free foot photos". It's time that you realized who's your daddy and that you will pay to be my "toe sucker" and "foot slave for life". I knew that I wanted to be "his footslave", but didn't know that it would cost me so much. He forced me to make a choice between staying with my lover or his feet! I can't believe that he forced me to do that. I was seduced by the "arch of his foot" on this "sexy guy", and needed to be his "foot mat" and foot stool. I had to pay to that honor! I chose his feet and ended my relationship. He asked if I need to "smell feet", "kiss foot" and "lick boot" as he laughed in my face. "Yes Sir", "I worship Straight men". I have a strong "male foot fetish" and I run an international organization for guys with a "shoe fetish" and want to be a "trample slave" or "toe sucker" to guys feet." His eyes opened wider and he asked if it meant that there are thousands of footslaves and "foot lickers" who want to take a "whiff of my feet"? Is this a "gay man foot fetish club" or something? I told him the truth and he has OWNED me ever since that confession. I have had to pay for his vacations, buy him a truck, and pay for every visit he made when I have to "worship him", "smell his socks", "kiss his toes", caress his feet and beg him to "walk on me" with "his perfect feet". To this day, he still loves this power that he has over me and other foot fags who have this intense need to "smell the foot sweat" of "his sweaty feet". Yes, we have a "gay foot fetish" and need this jock to order us to "Smell my feet" or "Sniff my socks" and now we have to pay the price for his "male foot fetish movies". He loves the control that he has by "wiggling his sweaty toes in my face", knowing that I and a "toe sucker" and will obey his orders. He was amused when I first asked to "eat his toe jam" and beg him to clip his toe nails in my mouth for me to swallow. Now he charges for this and makes fags all over the world pay for this gift from him! I asked about doing "male foot fetish video" and he loved the idea of being paid for this while he just sat back and relaxed with a beer while watching a football game or some hot straight films while "I am his footstool" or footmat. He would even have his straight brother come over and the two would play video games while I had to "smell their feet", worship him and pay them for "kissing the guys feet"! His brother also became a Foot Frat model (that is a clue for you to guess who this model is). Now he just walks in and I have to "kiss his boots" every time he enters or leaves my house. He knows that we all need to hear him command us to "Sniff my socks" or "Smell my feet" because we are his "gay foot slave". He knows that he can make the best "male foot fetish video" and collect big time when he laughs at us underfoot while saying, "He has a foot fetish" and "he needs my straight feet". This is all real, because I am his foot slave, and because we need to "make love to his feet", he can have anything he wants. His feet are very sweaty and smelly and this makes his laugh more when we have to "lick between his toes" and "eat his toe jam". This Adonis loves to "shove his feet in my face" while laughing at my humiliation because we "adore his feet". He can just "wiggle his toes" in our face and bark out an order, knowing that it will be done. It has cost a great deal to keep this Male Master as a Frat model Can you guess which model has just been described? Send in your comments or your guess to: Dug Gaines and if you are right, win a free hot story book of scenes of this "male foot fetish!"

After years of this contest, we close it by telling you that the answer is RODD.