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I lovingly & joyously accept my sexuality & its expression.
My body’s desires are natural & normal. I feel safe being me.


Doug Gaines and the Foot Fetish Fraternity

For nearly four decades, Doug Gaines has been operating the International Foot Fraternity, comprised of a group of men who appreciate the erotic dimension of the male bare foot, sneakers, shoes, boots, socks, footgear, tickling, trampling, clothing/uniform, sensual fantasies and scenes. He has also run the Foot Fetish and Fantasy Society for male/female fetishes of the same kind. This is a serious and the most common fetish area of all the major sensual/sexual fetishes which has had very little information presented about it in the past. 

Feature articles about Doug Gaines and the FRATERNITY have appeared in over 50 magazines such as Psychology Today, Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Allure, The Advocate, Honcho, Drummer, Leather Journal, Details, Detour and many others along with local newspapers from many countries. He has also been interviewed on over 250 radio stations in the past several years. There have been college lectures and television including an in depth several day interview for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Channel as a feature on their 9th season show; 'TABOO' on Fetishes and the Foot Fraternity Organization run by him and featured on ‘STONE PHILLIP’S DATELINE NBC’ which came to Cleveland for a few days to film an interview with Doug Gaines regarding sensual fetishes and the Foot Fraternity. Doug has been working in this area for over 35 years and, as a subject matter expert, has been officially recognized and recommended by the Kinsey Institute of Human Sexuality, (the late) Dr. John Money and world renowned sexologist Brenda Love, author of the best seller, the Encyclopedia of Unusual Sexual Practices. His first book in print on the erotic views of this scene by Leyland Publications is Kiss Foot, Lick Boot Volume I (ISBN # 0-943595-57-6). Doug has worked with Bloomington University’s renowned Dr. Martin Weinberg on this subject for several articles and his books. Doug has also had consultations, contacts and provided information to William A. Rossi, the cutting edge author of The Sex Life of the Foot & Shoe (originally published in 1976). There is also an in-depth interview about him and his work in the book Different Loving by Gloria Brahme and at her site: 

Visit Doug Gaines’ impressive and extensive Web site: This site and organization is the first, longest running, largest and finest male foot fetish community group for men with foot and various related fetishes and fantasies. It is designed for people who find this area exciting, sensual and pleasing. This is not a site for nudity or X-rated photos or films, but rather stresses the erotic pleasures of the fetish itself. 

Doug has produced over 3,000 foot fetish films along with over 5 million photographic images of this subject matter available to all with these needs and desires.

Doug Gaines states, “Never would I have guessed that I would have had tens of thousands of men join the Foot Fraternity and the huge number of visitors to the Web site since its inception over a dozen years ago which receives over a million “hits” on the web site every two months. Since the start, I have had over 500,000 written requests for information from all over the world. Interest is still growing. I try to share more about this area or interest which so many find extremely erotic. From my personal experience, I know how difficult it can sometimes be to find others to share these unique interests. I thought I was the “only one” into the scene for over 10 years before learning that there were many thousands of people around the world who shared my predilections. This is the reason for the site to exist. There are countless people with interests and fantasies in feet, footwear and clothing. It isn’t always easy to find that “right person” to share your fantasy or interest. I have thousands of letters and notes of thanks which I have received for running this organization. Many have shared their fantastic personal experiences which have resulted in friendships and relationships that would not have happened without the network that my website and group have been able to provide.

First and foremost it is an AFFIRMATION organization. Doug tries to reach out to inform others that it is healthy and acceptable to engage in their fetishes. People are not alone in these desires and feelings. It is healthy to discover one’s pleasures and seek to fulfill them. All are encouraged to face them, claim their courage to admit them to themselves and seek a fulfilling life of enjoying these pleasures. The major guideline is that things are done between consenting adults. Engaging in one’s fantasies, fetishes and “unique” erotic pleasures is superb for bringing new life and safe sex to one’s sensual experiences. People need to accept that certain desires are present within them and they should feel good about them, seeking and finding friends, partners and possible mates who can equally enjoy these alternatives. He believes this to truly be in one's DNA and simply requires a significant event to bring it to surface. To justify this, he states that it is very easy for  a heterosexual man to express such comments as: "I'm a leg man." or "I'm a butt guy." etc. They didn't simply sit down one day and say: "I think I'll choose to like legs and they will be a turn-on for me." or I'll find large breasts exciting." Rather this was part of their inclinations, human make up, and DNA which led them to be aroused by such things. Conversely, it's the same for all people (heterosexual and homosexual) to discover that it's in their inclinations to be aroused by feet, footwear, domination, etc.

With a degree in special education and graduate work in counseling, Doug Gaines has spent thousands of hours on the phone (or through e-mail) with people who have the joy of finally talking to another person about what excites them. What a burden seems to be lifted when people are not judged for how they were born or being the person that they are. So many people just need a word of approval in a world that can be much too harsh and judgmental.

Currently, Doug Gaines is planning work on a new documentary: At Your Feet: Loving the Foot and Foot Wear. This presents personal experiences through interviews with people into a foot and foot wear fetish, their fantasies, experiences and stories. Also presented is a hypothesis of how men developed this particular fetish, his experiences in the scene and in operating Foot Fetish Organizations which now include an international membership of thousands of people, and an enormous web site. Contained within the documentary are interviews and letters that express feelings from people, how they deal with their fetish and how they ultimately accept it rather than feel like an outcast or different.

If people in society could truly understand the desires of a foot fetish, then perhaps the whole concept would become more accepted. No matter how the development of the foot fetish occurred, most experts agree that it is generally harmless and not that far removed from obsessions with other body parts such as breasts, legs or rear ends. Many foot fetishists are embarrassed to admit their love for feet and tend to seek secretive means to gratify their desire. For this reason Doug Gaines’ Foot Fraternity is vital to a healthy sensual desire found in so many people.

This letter is addressing your program director for Doug Gaines, to be considered as an excellent candidate for an interview with your network on this highly interesting subject.

Further information is available from Doug Gaines on request either online at or by calling him at 440-868-5222. Cleveland, Ohio


The Foot Fraternity

Welcome to the Foot Fraternity: An Affirmation web site designed for people with a fetish for feet, footwear, uniforms, tickle, trample, etc. The MODELS on this site are STRAIGHT guys, who are of legal age. These men are comfortable with their own heterosexuality and did not mind having women or men at their feet. Being on this site is NOT an indication of their personal sensual preferences. It is designed for people who find the foot/shoe/uniform/etc. exciting, sensual and pleasing. There is no nudity or x-rated photos/films on this site, just fetish ones. Sometimes society approves of your sexuality, and sometimes not. The best approval comes from YOU. Accept yourself exactly as you are. You are worth it!

Please DO NOT ENTER this site if you are not into this fantasy. The purpose of this site is purely for those who have these fetishes and wish to find a healthy place to experience them. We have been interviewed by television (including National Geographic television show TABOO and DATELINE NBC) along with over 100 magazines/newspapers and over 300 radio interviews. Our purpose is to help people be accepting of who they are as human beings. Mean people are not welcome here!

The Foot Fraternity Statement of Purpose: To ignore or belittle those who differ from a "norm" can make a person feel depressed, worthless or alone. I cannot deny that person the peace of mind of something as simple as an affirmation of one's sensuality between consenting adults. No concept or institution which is indifferent to the needs of the human spirit can survive. Whatever your fetish, if between consenting adults, is just fine and very normal for you. The approval of all who come here is the fraternal brotherhood that we all seek. You are NOT alone in your desires and how wonderful that you have found a place to be your TRUE self.

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He is a Straight, macho, alpha male, stud who believes that fags should be his "male foot slaves" who bow to him and grovel at his feet. When we first met, I confessed to him that I have a "male foot fetish" for men's feet, and "I kiss feet." He laughed in my faggot face and said that now I can be his "cash slave", or "human ATM" and pay for the privilege of "worshiping my feet", because I am his "homo bitch"? I was humiliated and embarrassed to admit to him that I needed, not just wanted to "lick his feet", "suck his toes", "smell his sweaty socks" and "kiss his feet". He said that I was a "queer sock lover", and he plans to take advantage of letting me "serve straight guys" and "worship straight men". "You're gonna pay, pay and pay more". just because he has "perfect male feet" and I am a "toe jam" eater who knows that "straight guys rule" "Yes, Foot Master, Sir, You are a stud who knows how to give humiliation and domination" to a "faggit foot slave". 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He got paid for every visit with me as he would start off by saying, "You are my bitch", so no more "free foot photos". It's time that you realized who's your daddy and that you will pay to be my "toe sucker" and "foot slave for life". I knew that I wanted to be "his footslave", but didn't know that it would cost me so much. He forced me to make a choice between staying with my lover or his feet! I can't believe that he forced me to do that. I was seduced by the "arch of his foot" on this "sexy guy", and needed to be his "foot mat" and foot stool. I had to pay to that honor! I chose his feet and ended my relationship. He asked if I need to "smell feet", "kiss foot" and "lick boot" as he laughed in my face. "Yes Sir", "I worship Straight men". I have a strong "male foot fetish" and I run an international organization for guys with a "shoe fetish" and want to be a "trample slave" or "toe sucker" to guys feet." His eyes opened wider and he asked if it meant that there are thousands of footslaves and "foot lickers" who want to take a "whiff of my feet"? Is this a "gay man foot fetish club" or something? I told him the truth and he has OWNED me ever since that confession. I have had to pay for his vacations, buy him a truck, and pay for every visit he made when I have to "worship him", "smell his socks", "kiss his toes", caress his feet and beg him to "walk on me" with "his perfect feet". To this day, he still loves this power that he has over me and other foot fags who have this intense need to "smell the foot sweat" of "his sweaty feet". Yes, we have a "gay foot fetish" and need this jock to order us to "Smell my feet" or "Sniff my socks" and now we have to pay the price for his "male foot fetish movies". He loves the control that he has by "wiggling his sweaty toes in my face", knowing that I and a "toe sucker" and will obey his orders. 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